Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Bolon ^^

Bolon Yokte also appears on the vase of the seven gods as a holy one. He was also involved in the creation of the calendar..Bolon Yokte is mentioned many times in various glyphs and appears to be one of the most powerful of the gods. There are also other gods mentioned in the second coming.

The Mayan Temple of Inscriptions. On the design of the five tonne lid of the sarcophagus is over hundred glyphs of which one shows a design of the face of Lord Pacal in which the figures 144,000 is shown on his forehead.

Bible, Revelations: St. John. 144,000   12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. servants of God who had been sealed on their foreheads. A number of importance particularly at the time of "The End of Days" which coincides with the Mayan baktun 144,000 years.


I had no idea... and might have to check out the 144 on the forehead thing...
And certainly it's easy to see by the previous maths I've shown, that there is no 'end time'... while there might be a return.

Pacal the Serpent... certainly the Kul Ku Khan... a measure of two ... the Vision Serpent has two eyes open... and the third is Pacal's ... two circles and two lines... " powers on "

1440 ‘as minutes’ = 1 days … can also be called 4 Mayan Tun as 360 x 4
14400 as ‘minutes’ = 10 days … can also be called 40 Mayan Tun as 360 x 40
144000 as ‘minutes’ = 100 days … can also be called 400 Mayan Tun as 360 x 400
1440000 as ‘minutes’ = 1000 days … can also be called 4000 Mayan Tun as 360 x 4000
and all together as ‘minutes’, these are 1111 days

1440 'minutes' = 1 'day', can also be called 4 Mayan Tun as 360 x 4 = 1440 if 'minutes'

The Maya say a Tun is 360 'days'.  If this is the only translation... then

360 x 4 = 1440 would amount to 1440 'days'.

so if 1440 can be 'days', just like they count Baktun cycles of 144000 'days' x 13 cycles = 1872000 'days'

it can also be said

1440 'days' x 13 cycles = 18720 'days'

14400 'days' x 13 cycles = 187200 'days'
144000 'days' x 13 cycles = 1872000 'days' currently only known as the Mayan Long Count calendar cycle.
1440000 'days' x 13 cycles = 18720000 'days'


1440 x 1300 = 1872000 'days'

N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z = 260 Tzolkin x 5 = 1300 x 1440 = 1872000 days is also December, 21, 2012

The winter solstice, the 'end' date of the current Mayan cycle...